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About Us

About Us

Fried rice master is a fast casual Asian restaurant. All our dishes are fresh cooked and it only takes 2 min. Our customers can create their own dish selecting from over 15 difference fresh vegetables, sea foods and proteins, noodle, rice and low-carb rice. Also, our Asian style chicken wings will come with a variety of special flavors sauce.

Guest Testimonials

"We got the matcha frozen cream drink and I thought it was really good! Then our chicken fried rice was also flavorful. The owners are so cute and friendly!"

Zaynab M.


"It's good to know this new place near my home. I ordered create my own bowl of Thai curry shrimp fried rice. It's super yummy, and the staff provides attentive service! Their automated fried rice cooking machine is a true marvel, producing perfect rice dishes every time. Their snacks look good too. I will visit again to try the fried chicken wings. A must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for delicious Asian cuisine in Kennesaw!"

Wei C.


"We saw this place and knew they were going to be awesome! They set up shop next to an ultra fancy Chinese restaurant, and they easily have far superior meals than those fancy guys! They have Takoyaki! And it's very affordable. Will be here often!"

Will F.

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